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“Finding out your system breaches before others represents a fundamental step in pursuing your IT network security”


Foxwall provides your company with an analytics-driven approach to evaluate the security and integrity of your IT network - by safely trying to exploit its vulnerabilities -, validate the efficacy of your system defensive mechanisms and your users adherence to security policies.


Our suggestion is to continuously scanning your network because “hackers attack when everything is up to date and you have let down your guard” - Davide Vergani, Foxwall CEO.


Foxwall Pen Testing is performed by our experienced professionals who, according to your specific needs and requirements, mimic an attacker breach to access sensitive assets by exploiting your system security weaknesses.

Which are Foxwall Pen Test scenarios?

  • Internal PT, simulates an insider attack starting from a point within the internal network;
  • External PT, simulates a remote attack to access internal network by exploiting externally exposed servers or people;
  • External PT Black Box, simulates the most realistic scenario of an external attack because our technicians are provided with no network information;
  • Internal PT Black Box, simulates an insider attack with no internal technical information control;
  • External PT White Box, auditors are provided with all information necessary to scrupulously analyze defense perimeter and attempt to penetrate the network from the outside;
  • Internal PT White Box, auditors are provided with all information about the company network architecture and user credentials to security testing;
  • Wireless Penetration Test, simulates an access to the internal network exploiting wireless connections and vulnerable access points;
  • Social Engineering, relies on people psychological manipulation into breaking security rules and procedures and divulging confidential information.

Foxwall Network Penetration Procedure

Our procedure begins by assessing your network external weaknesses and threats. Then we assess the ramifications of each breach and try to determine whether any other internal systems can be subsequently targeted and penetrated.


Once all the vulnerabilities are identified our technicians correct them and re-perform the testing until unauthorized access or other malicious activity are no longer allowed.

The procedure end with the realization of a report containing any technical description of vulnerability risks findings, including all the methodologies and techniques used during the assessment and remediation phases.


Foxwall Penetration Test Report Outline


  • Executive Summary and project review
  • Vulnerability Details
  • Remediation Plan


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